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  Our company professionally researches, develops, makes and sells the carbide in ceramic. The founder, Mr. Xu Zhengkai, produced the first batch of reaction bonded silicon carbide in the beginning of the 1980s and developed the material of silicon carbide added carbon in the middle of 1990s, which reaches to the advance level in the world.

  At the same time, it fills in the blank in sealing material in domestic. From 2001, our company produces sintered silicon carbide in enormous quantities, which performance index reach the world level.

  The production line of Reaction bonded SIC and sintered SIC, from raw material to finished products, are nationalized, after our company supports to research silicon carbide, design and make equipment for production, with perfected technology.

  Depending on the strong technology, reliable quality certification system and the large-scale key equipment, we can produce the sealing rings which size can be RBSIC≥∮600mm, SSIC≥∮350mm. We can meet domestic and foreign user’s demands.

  In order to accelerate the improvement and sing of carbide in our country, our company wishes to develop and manufacture SIC serial material jointly, offer complete technology and equipment to you. Inquiries are welcome.


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