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The company mainly offers sealing products made in Silicon carbide (SIC). SIC is a typical covalent bond compound. The atom of SI and C is small, bond is short and covalence is strong, these features give SIC the following properties: high hardness, good mechanical strength, low coefficient of friction, good radiation resistance, self lubrication, chemical stability, heat resistance, good heat conduction, good as a mating face. SIC is a kind of ceramic material, so it's brittle and no good in terms of shock resistance.

There are four types of SIC, made by different technology and process - namely, Reaction Bonded SIC (SIC RB), Sintered pressure less SIC (SSIC), hot pressurized SIC, and vaporous SIC. For the pump, mixer and other general machinery application, SIC RB and SSIC are most commonly used. The hot pressing SIC and vaporous SIC are applied in special field because their cost is very high and the different shape is less.

We are now producing the following SIC RB and SSIC, as well as other SIC related products:

1) ZKS-1: Reaction bonded (self-combine) SIC
α-SIC is mixed up with carbon, according to different particle sizes. SI is involved in the reaction process, during sintering. So, there is about 10% free Silicon present in the SIC RB, which limits its application. This material cannot be used in hydrofluoric acid, strong alkali and oxidizing medium, and it's max working temperature is 1200℃.

2) ZKS-2: Self sintered pressure less SIC (SSIC)
Pure α-SIC powder and a little additives are molded into different shapes, which are then sent to the sintering process under 2000 to 2300℃. The purity of SSIC products is above 98%, and the max. Working temperature up to 1600℃. SSIC is chemically inert to almost all kinds of acids, alkali, and strong oxidizing medium. So it's an excellent heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance ceramic material.

3) ZKS-3A、ZKS-3B: SIC with 5 - 30% graphite content
With the evolving technology, the regular SIC material cannot meet the demand of high PV value applications. So the company developed a new grade of material - graphite loaded SIC (with 5 - 30% graphite content), which increases the self-lubrication and thermal conduction of the material. This material is also featured by low coefficient of friction and improved coefficient of thermal expansion. So it in a way combines the advantage of SIC and carbon.

4) ZKS-4: SIC with controlled porosity
A very thin liquid film is to be maintained between the seal faces, to ensure smooth operation of the mechanical seals and a long seal life. The brand new grade of SSIC - SIC with controlled porosity - is to make 2 - 12% porosity (holes) on the SSIC seal face. These holes are in the size of 50 to200 micron meter, and are round, closed, independent from each other, and are spread our evenly. Such kind of products will help to maintain a stable liquid film between the seal faces, and decrease the friction heat. So, it will help to build up a reliable seal, with long seal life.

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